The process of the redesign was long & diffucult because we had to make the leading economy newspaper for 23 years look more up do date not only as design but as content. And together with the visual redesign there was ongoing newsroom reorganization to help facilitate the content renovation. The Innovation Media Group together with our CEO (who has 25+ years experience as journalist and editor-in-chief) helped to rethink both the content and new newsroom. Capital newspaper consists of roughly 50 journalist, 8 people preprint staff, 4 in-house photographers, 4 proof-readers. The circulation is around 25 000 and one issue read by 4 people.

The audience of Capital has been loyal for the longest period and they have been really used to the newspaper which consisted of three parts K1, K2 & K3. The redesign which was done 10 years before was again led and done by the Spanish consultants @ Innovation Media Group. So it was challenge to make them like the new format which is a magazine with almsot square format. 

After it was all done all the covers, infographics and each page are made and
art-directed personally by myself. 

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