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& the dancing goats themselves just below a high mountain peak:


The whole approach for the bottle was different from the typical vertical reading of packaging. We’ve decided to make people twist round 360’ the bottle while looking at the design horizontally - which made a whole new experience for the product.
A boutique coffee shop & roastery approached me with the brief of releasing their first cold brew coffee all across Bulgarian & European market this spring.
The objective was to design something modern but still appealing to all ages. The design should stand out easily on shelves with other soft & caffeine drinks.

During the three year process of testing different cold brew recipes they have found the need to develop a different brand for the cold brew which has to withstand adding new products later on like Matcha lemonade etc.

The concept that was chosen and it’s now in production:

The second concept which most of the people referred to as “absolutely loveable”, “can’t explain why but I love it”, “shaken-not-stirred” but still it’s too early for mankind to be released in the open 🤯️ But so far is one of my favorite packaging typography concepts.


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