CrossFit Dream Skyler

To have a crossfit fitness the owner must hold a license of a crossfit trainer which can be obtained in a few place in Europe. Dream Skyler is the first licensed crossfit fitness in Bulgaria since 2011. Now they have two locations with two licensed running each.
Since they were expanding and its customers were 500+ - they needed something to make people feel special and as in like community so they approached me with the idea of creating special t-shirts which each of the members can have. They already had a logo so it had to be incorporated in the visuals.

After thorough research of the audience that attends the places - we’ve decided that it’s best to make diffrent t-shirts for older people and children. The children’s group was 35+ kids from the age of 5 to 10 and they were all eager and curious to every new thing that they had to do in the training sessions.

Sofia, Bulgaria