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Owned and commissioned by Harmonica bio brand, sold around the whole of Europe through major petrol station brand and supermarket brand

Harmonica is the biggest Bulgarian bio farming brand. Owned by the ex-world number four tennis player Magdalena Maleeva and her husband Lubomir Nokov. The companies portfolio varies from diary products to free-range eggs, fruit syrups, chickpea snacks, and their pancake brand.

      ︎That’s the the coconut butter taste.

& the coconut butter taste.

Smiles is a gluten-free organic vegan chickpea snack. It had a name but it needed a logo and design of it are packaging to both differ from the competitors in the same niche like unhealthy chips and snacks. The outlook had to be both stylish, modern, and simple to compliment the organic ingredients and awesome taste.



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