WhAT Association 10th years anniversary books

WhAT is Bulgarian architecture organization that started ten years ago as a blog and organized the first and most respected architecture/urbanism awards in Bulgaria overwritting the status quo of all government and private compromised contests.

The brief was to design a book holding up all ten years of awards which marks Bulgaria’s new architecture history after the great economy crisis of 2008 which left a big scar on everything in the country - from independent construction works to governemnet and municipality projects.

The book would be the one place where architects, investors and historians look to see how the architecture and urban scene in the country has developed in recent decade even century.

︎ Luxurious textile hard cover. 

︎ The book begins whit WhAT manifest & intro. 

︎ The approach for the content pages is more of a data visualization in order to show the investment and construction trends through the years depending on the category.

︎ Each year will have a unique opening spread.

︎ Each project is photographer especially for the book by a certified photographer. 

︎The grid that houses all the content is flexible and takes on Bauhaus architectural approach.

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